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Everyone's seen it at one time or another: a car, sometimes a limousine, sometimes a classic roadster, sometimes an ordinary American four-door, cruising down the highway with the words "Just Married" scrawled across the back window, tin cans and old shoes dangling wildly behind, tied to the rear bumper.


It's the classic image of a wedding, a proclamation to anyone and everyone, a celebration of a new life embarked upon.

Naturally, someone had to do the decorating, and it's a little much to expect either the bride or groom, with so many other things to worry about, to track down the necessary materials and get busy. 

That's what their wedding planner is for!


Handled by your planner (but bridesmaids, flowergirls and ringbearers are usually welcome to help whenever willing and able), decorating the getaway car can be a chance to get creative and call upon those artistic talents not often used in everyday living.


While scribbling "Just Married" on a window is a start, to really do your newlywed friends proud, we bring some experience and imagination along and go all out. The specifics of what you can do will be dictated to some degree by the getaway car chosen by the bride and groom; most often a limousine is chosen, but perhaps Grandpa has a classic '57 Thunderbird that could be used?


Nothing makes for a classier getaway than a classic...


Certainly if a horse-drawn carriage is awaiting the happy couple, your options will be a bit limited, but no matter what transport is used, there are lots of ways to have some fun. As a wedding vehicle anything can do as long as it is tasteful and works with your crowd and style.


From the classic white Rolls-Royce (seats 2) to the stretch SUV (seats 22) to the super-luxe limo-bus (seats dozens). 

And while we're breaking the rules, who says your getaway vehicle has to be white?


A shiny, black limo offers the high-society, I'm-with-the-President look for example. We offer more than just the wheels assistance and will pull out all the royal stops for you and your groom, what we call the "wedding package."

You can experience the "red-carpet treatment" where the driver literally rolls out a red carpet to the door. 

You can also request that your favorite romantic comedy or your make-out CD be cued up in the car's entertainment center. We can even stock the vehicle with chilled champagne and caviar if you fancy it.


Where in the bridal rulebook does it say that you have to leave your reception in a limo?


You can go for something with personality like:

  • a VW Microbus,

  • a classic mustang,

  • a convertible Jeep,

  • a surfer's buggy,

  • a Harley-Davidson with sidecar 

  • an old-school bus...

  • a vintage Porsche cabriolet.


Or slip into something a little more Beverly Hills 

  • a cherry-red Lamborghini, 

  • a jet-black Hummer H1 open top, 

  • or a silver Aston Martin roadster.

The great thing about wedding-day transportation is that it's the part of planning where you can save the most, and still ride in ultra-posh style.


If you're making a grand entrance, rent a vehicle for the arrival (and drive your own wheels home). 

On a similar note, if you're going to take off with the whole party watching, best to get a fancy mobile for the farewell. 
Pinch pennies by signing up for an hourly rate, rather than an entire evening.


That way, you'll pay for the car and driver combo only when it's being used and not when it's sitting idly in the parking lot of the reception. 
As wedding coordinator we will make sure that you won't suffer from any delays..


If you can't decide between the stretch Hummer and little green MINI, choose one for the way to the wedding and one for the way home. 
Don't think that you have to get the same type of car for everyone in the wedding party maybe indulge your attendants in some 4-wheel-drive action, but have Mom and Dad roll up in a sweet midnight-blue 911.


While you're maxing and relaxing in all-out style, let your guests in on some of the transportation fun. 

A luxury bus (seats 50-75) has become a popular not to mention a super-safe way to transport family and friends (no drinking-and-driving worries, no guests lost between the ceremony and reception). 
And what's a wedding vehicle without a sign? Equip your party bus with an announcement along both sides!!!


If you don't feel like having a professional driver, maybe the best man or a designated friend can drive the car for you. These days numbers of pier to pier rentals platforms are available so it might be a wise options.


You can hire the car the day before, so you will have plenty of time to decorate and you can think about keeping the car for a few days and enjoy some cool rides as a newly married couple.


Numbers of renters actually offers some good deals starting from the third renting day...


And if you have no idea what to choose, we will off course take care of everything for you and even pack up a small after-the-festivities package for the two of you to indulge in as you make your getaway...


In Need of a wedding getaway vehicle?


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