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A 2014 study by CrowdCompass and the Event Marketing Institute predicted 86% of Event and meeting planners would have an app by 2016. The survey also predicted 56% of event attendees would be interacting with event apps.
Those predictions seem to be playing out in the event planning industry, and the move away from expensive printed programs is taking of, here is why:


A dedicated app can include the event schedule, documents, hotel and transportation information, speaker bios, information on cocktails and dining, live stream and last minute details. Attendees can receive alerts about upcoming session or happenings and other up-to-the-minute announcements.


For An average international conference the costs on printing and postage can be dropped by 7, while using an app, a great number of these events will use the fully digital for 2018.


An event app is more environmental friendly and it can be updated in real time. One of the biggest benefits of an app is the ability to constantly communicate with attendees.


Planners & Coordinators can send reminders or boost a portion of the event if needed, plus event attendees can receive a notification to fill out a post-event survey and Planners can invite them to share their experiences on social medias and invite them to upcoming events.


The cost of an app can start at a few hundred $/€/£ and climb into the thousands depending on features and functionality. While the upfront costs might seem like a lot to spend, the savings can become significant pretty quickly.


A dedicated Event app can also incorporate a social media feed that encourage attendees to share photos, videos and more on their social network of choice and an app is a great way to feature sponsors and other key supporters as an added sponsor benefit.


Finally An app can collect the useful feedback that will permit the planners to look for ways to improve for the next events.

With those highlights it wouldn’t be a surprise to see numbers of planners “go mobile” in the very near future.



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