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#TGIF: Wedding Watch of the Week *SPEAKE MARIN VELSHEDA


For some people choosing the right Wedding watch means going for something different, something like a slick looking Single-hand watch for example.

Besides being filled with a certain outdated felling, they can’t be seen as the most practical timekeeping instruments.

Clearly, reading time on a mono-aiguille has a certain unique feeling, an outdated elegance in a word, it is a charming object. It is also, for some non-initiated people, an intriguing watch, a conversation piece.

The Speake Marin Velsheda is part of the J-Class collection that boasts the elegant, dress watches and shares most of its design features with three other collection (the Spirit Wing Commander, the Spirit Seafire and the Cabinet des Mystères ) but brings a special feeling that breaks the classical codes of the rest of the collection and is probably the most “wedding watch material” with it’s superb Piccadilly case, so dear to Mr Peter Speake Marin itself.

Ps: ALEXIEVENTS®️ choice:

SPEAKE MARIN VELSHEDA 42mm in red gold with a complementary custom strap.

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