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#TGIF: Wedding Watch of The Week * ARMIN STROM Manual Cognac Watch


A wedding watch does not necessarily need to be an ultra slim, hour only, precious metal timepiece. It can be something out of the ordinary, something special that you purchase for the purpose of being that extra special thing that you wear on your wedding day. Something like an Armin Strom Manual Cognac Watch. 


What makes that watch so special, enclosed in an hermetically sealed sapphire capsule, is a drop of a prized Cognac spirit, from a bottle considered to be the oldest authenticated bottle of Cognac acquired at a public auction in 2014.

The cognac was believed to be an amazing 252 years old at the time is was purchased by Wealth Solutions, partner of the watch manufacturer.


The bottle containing the unusual brandy was found between 1880 and 1890 at Lachaise, Cognac, France, and was owned by the Donsir family (France) until it was sold at the auction.

The bottle itself dates from around 1840, at which time it was filled with a cognac believed to have been distilled by Cognac House Gautier in 1762.


To celebrate the partnership, and to announce that Wealth Solutions has become the new distributor of the Armin Strom watch brand in Poland, the bottle was opened in late 2015 and its contents went into seven sealed flacons after decanting. From there, the cognac found its way into the sealed capsules that are being carefully placed into 40 Armin Strom Cognac timepiece.


The capsule is visible on the front of the watch and ensures that no liquid will ever ended its life into the precious 3-day power reserve manual movement.

The idea of incorporating drops of the rare cognac  into  a timepiece is the brainchild of Armin Strom’s head watchmaker, Claude Greisler, who devised the concept. Not only did he had to design and develop a special flask that would keep the cognac preserved, but also he had to develop one  that protects the movement of the watch at the same time.  The cognac-filled capsule  is positioned at 5 o’clock on the dial.


The watch, produced in a limited edition of 40 pieces, available in titanium, in stainless steel or 18k pink gold is definitely a great conversation starter between you, your best men and friends around drinks after the ceremony.


Ps: ALEXIEVENTS®️ choice: 


ARMIN STROM Manual Cognac Watch

That we would leave it as it is because it doesn’t need to be anymore special, your bride can even wear it, the strap is blue...



Photos courtesy of ARMIN STROM AG


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