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#TGIF: Wedding Watch Of The Week * SWATCH WHITE WEDDING GV110


Choosing a SWATCH as a wedding watch can be an interesting choice, the ability to create your own custom timepiece, while Swatch already makes such a plethora of models and designs and offer the possibility to fully customise your own, some of their “dedicated” themed watches might be a go for you and you bridesmaid/best man or even be an original guest gift.


The SWATCH WHITE WEDDING GV110 is the perfect swatch to wear at your wedding, the piece is fully designed with the wedding theme in mind, from the strap to the case, the specific dial, even the specific box which include a wedding planner’s “to do” list set this SWATCH in it’s own category.


Swatch offer so many different possible combinations that your chances of ever running into someone else with an identical Timepiece seem vanishingly small, but the point of this specific WHITE WEDDING edition is to share the pleasure of wearing the same SWATCH together and let it remind you of the special day.


Ps: ALEXIEVENTS®️ choice: 


SWATCH WHITE WEDDING GV110 gifted to the bridesmaids and best mens with a custom hand written note on every single box.



Photos courtesy of SWATCH LTD



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