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#TGIF: Wedding Watch Of The Week * TIMEX MARLIN

So, you are looking for a vintage inspired timepiece to compliment your classic tailored suit, or maybe you chose a “Mad Men” thème for your wedding, but “patina” isn’t your thing and you want something timeless, so The Marlin is the one then!

The Timex Marlin is a 1960s reissue. 
Back then, they were “waterproof” and normally paired with genuine leather straps. The case would measure about 34mm and the strap would normally be 18mm in width. The dial would have been a sunray brushed silver color and fitted with raised numbers and diamond cut markers. The Timex Marlin was the perfect gentleman’s watch for its time.

So, what has changed? Very little, and all for the better. The reissued Timex Marlin still features a hand-wound movement, but this time protected by a stainless steel case and back. The silver sunray dial is here again and, unlike the mid-century original, it no longer states “waterproof,” but this new release is rated 30 meters water resistant. The case and strap dimensions are the same as the original. The strap is still genuine leather, this time featuring a Lizard grain pattern.

All technical details aside, is this the watch you should be wearing to your wedding? To answer that, you must consider what makes a great watch. 

The best ones tend to be simple yet elegant with an understated design that complements your outfit with ease. They tend to be slimmer in design and wrap effortlessly around your wrist, only making an appearance ever so slightly under your suit jacket and crisp white button down. 

Many people say the design must be ‘clean’ and though that’s really tough to define, we say the Timex Marlin is as clean as it gets.


TIMEX MARLIN fitted with a custom Scottish canvas strap with colour matching the groom’s suit, because, well, why not!

Photos courtesy of TIMEX


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