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#TGIF: Wedding Watch Of The Week * VINTAGE ROLEX EXPLORER 1016.

Because we are only three days from Christmas, we are featuring this week something extra special, a vintage timepiece.

The Explorer is most famous for its inclusion on the first summiting of Mount Everest in 1953 and it remained almost unchanged in the Rolex Portfolio for about 25 years.
The 1016 shared its case with the Datejust of the time: reference 1603, it later used a hacking 1570 caliber automatic like many other Rolexes of the period.

On the wrist, the Rolex Explorer 1016 is an absolute gem. At 36mm, it’s a great size and it looks absolutely stunning. Note how slender and pointy the lugs are when viewed from the top and you really begin to appreciate the delicate artwork Rolex produced. It’s this type of styling that makes the watch so much more than just a pure sports watch. Also, the watch looks great on any kind of strap you care to mention, if you feel the need of going with something other than the factory supplied Oyster bracelet which is sublimely comfortable and despite its large links, doesn’t detract at all from the main stage that is the case and dial.

A vintage Rolex is something special, and choosing a classic timepiece as a wedding watch definitely shows taste and refinement, it might be harder to locate the right one than purchasing a brand new piece at your local dealer, but the satisfaction to own and wear such a distinctive timepiece worth the extra work.

Ps: ALEXIEVENTS® choice: 

While a few detractors may imply that you are not suppose to wear a wedding watch on a bracelet, a ROLEX EXPLORER 1016, might be the exception that confirm the rule.
Numbers of celebrities has been sporting the look over red carpet events, and cocktail parties, and wearing such an elegant timepiece is definitely acceptable with a formal wardrobe, (even Don Draper wore one with a suit...) Apart from a custom engraving marking the day, we would not change a thing.

Photos courtesy of FRATELLO WATCHES featuring an EXPLORER 1016 L-series.


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